Terraform NRI Services

Terraform Realty understands your need for security of your investments. We offer a specialized suite of services dedicated for your specific needs as a Non Residential Indian. We guide you on every single step and detail of your purchase process and post sale procedures, of both commercial and residential property. Personal attention via email and telephone make it possible for us to serve you.

So welcome, to the family of Terraform Realty of which you will always be a proud member.

Introducing the Terraform Home-A-Tender

Fixing a pipe, connecting the gas, paying a bill – every home requires constant maintenance and care. But with the Terraform Home-A-Tender, we help you shed the daily duty load and ensure that your home not only looks its best but also stays that way!

Here's a look at just some of the duties that we’ll take off your hands:

  • Maintenance work such as plumbing, electrical fixtures, etc.
  • Bill-paying for the Telephone, Electricity, Maintenance, Property Tax, etc.
  • Regular / Routine Cleaning: From upholstery to carpets and deep cleaning to dusting and mopping, it's all taken care of!

We offer you this post-purchase maintenance on a yearly basis. You can address your concerns anytime, anywhere and we'll make sure that your problem is set right within twenty-four hours of your call being registered. This comes to you at a very nominal fee.

Ensuring convenience has never been this convenient! So go ahead, enjoy the experience of your home away from home that looks and feels as though you’d never left it!

Terraform Property Assist

If you wish to Rent or Lease your Terraform Apartment / Office / Shop or sell, our Property Assist team will help you do the same. They will look for a buyer or leasee based on your requirements and help you do the entire documentation. You may contact us for the nominal charges that will be levied on you.

For matters relating to corporate/personal rentals, leases and resale of property, please contact our home care division.

Any questions? Reach us now!

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